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Hands-On Llama Fun & Facts


Experience all things llama by joining us on a fascinating llama facts and fiction session!

This fun and educational experience is perfect for all llama lovers ‘young and not so young’ and you will leave us knowing much more about our furry friends inevitably developing a great affinity for these gentle and kind creatures.

You will learn all about the Camelid family and have a unique opportunity to meet our llamas and also our cute and furry alpaca’s.

The sessions lasting approximately an hour and a half provide an interactive, hands on experience where you are given an extremely interesting and informative talk about the life of a llama, a little bit of history and how llamas are used in their native Peru and South America and most of all a fascinating insight into their psyche and personalities.

Hands On Llama Fun

Learn all about the hierarchy within the herds and how they communicate with each other, having llama babies, training and learning to trek and importantly along the way dispel a lot of the urban myths and fiction that people often think is true about how a llama behaves!

You will be shown the correct way to catch a llama, how to headcollar and lead a llama and then get really hands on by grooming our llamas, taking home a souvenir of llama fleece to make into felt.

Finally to round off this delightful experience you will take the llamas for a short walk around our paddock to enable you to share a little taste of the delightful experience of WALKING WITH LLAMAS.

£25 pp – including a level one certificate in llama husbandry and selfie pictures with the llamas.

This activity is subject to a minimum of 4 participants or minimum charge of £100 for a private session of up to 4 clients.

£25.00 per person
Minimum charge: £100

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