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This is just to let all our lovely would be trekkers know that we have taken the unprecedented step to close our operations for now due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Although we would have loved to have you all out in the fresh air with our llovely llamas we feel that this is by far the most responsible thing to do to protect our customers and staff. its virtually impossible to practice social distancing when walking with a group or even just two or three and the impossibility of adequately disinfecting our lead ropes and equipment is an important aspect we cannot ignore.

We are hoping to reopen just as soon as we can and when its safe for everyone so please do watch this space and we will update our status whenever we can.

Llama Karma Kafe is one of the food and leisure businesses instructed to close by the Government so it makes sense for all the llamas to have a well earned holiday and enjoy the coming time in what we hope will be great sunshine.

The llamas have plenty of company as our fantastic staff are with them every day continuing the care training and exercising of the whole herd so I’m sure they won’t get bored!

Let’s hope that everyone stays safe and well and that this crisis will be over soon and we can all get back to enjoying our great walks with the most fantastic furry friends you could wish for.

Just so you know

if you have a gift voucher please email us as soon as you can to indicate that you would like it to be transferred to a future date. This will then be put on our database and should be done before the current expiry date please.

Any treks or animal encounters that have been booked and paid in advance for will be able to be transferred to a future date with no problem.

Again, please contact us to ensure your details are added to our data base.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the future and look forward to seeing you at the other end of this difficult and uncertain time.

If you would like to keep up to date with all things llama it would be great if you were to consider joining the British Llama Society who have a great website, an interesting quarterly magazine and a huge commitment to helping everyone to learn more out llamas and camelids in general. The BLS has regular shows, events and a great social network where people can share heart warming, interesting and funny stories, swap knowledge and ideas and generally learn more about llamas.

Please visit www.britishllamasociety.co.uk or visit the facebook site where you can link up with other llama llovers!

Thanks and good wishes to all - Lakeland Llama Treks

Llama trekking is a great way to experience the countryside, meet new people and de-stress… all at the same time. There is lots of information on this website so please take time to browse it where most of your questions about trekking and our unique business will be answered.

We offer a variety of different treks to suit all experience and ages. Our treks are available all year round and on most days. It is preferable to pre book your trek but it is sometimes possible to book on the day if we already have treks arranged that you can join.

Please Note: Half Day Treks & Countryside Treks MUST be pre booked please. Minimum numbers and prices apply for the half day and countryside trail treks.

Please click Treks for details of the different treks, minimum numbers and the prices of each that we offer.

2020 Treks

Half Day Treks

• 29th March 2020
• 30th April 2020
• 6th June 2020

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• 29th March 2020
• 30th April 2020
• 6th June 2020

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