Llama trekking... the perfect outdoor activity

Fresh air, llamas and beautiful scenery... PERFECT!
Why not make it a mini break? Stay with our llamas and alpacas in our fabulous holiday cottage with private hot tub!

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Looking for the ideal unusual gift?

We offer trekking vouchers and llama adoptions to give as a unique gift starting at £30 which can be used anytime in the following 12 months.

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Lakeland Llama Treks

Here at Lakeland Llama Treks, we can offer a variety of interactive animal experiences, including llama walks or animal encounters; giving you the chance to get up close with all our animals, including giant rabbits, bengal cats, pygmy goats, alpacas and many more. We can usually tailor sessions around your individual wishes so just get in touch and we will be happy to help. We also offer the chance to get hands on with a Keeper Experience. This session lasts 3 hours and gets you involved in the day to day aspects of animal care, helping to feed, groom and clean out our animals.

If you would like to keep up to date with all things llama it would be great if you were to consider joining the British Llama Society who have a great website, an interesting quarterly magazine and a huge commitment to helping everyone to learn more out llamas and camelids in general. The BLS has regular shows, events and a great social network where people can share heart warming, interesting and funny stories, swap knowledge and ideas and generally learn more about llamas.

Please visit www.britishllamasociety.co.uk or visit the facebook site where you can link up with other llama llovers!

Thanks and good wishes to all - Lakeland Llama Treks