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Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted TherapyThese short sessions are an enjoyable and effective way to develop confidence, social skills and physical skills whilst providing an educational and interactive experience for disabled or disadvantaged adults or children.

We have been undertaking this unique work for the past 20 years, impacting on the quality of life and improving life skills for thousands of participants.

We are now offering the opportunity to participate in our programmes to local adults and children from care or community organisations, schools, colleges, nurseries and children’s services…either by visiting our new centre based at Llama Karma Kafe near Penrith or we are happy to bring a range of small animals (or the llamas) to your school or centre as a one off visit or to undertake short courses covering a range of outcomes as appropriate for the group.



Be A Party Animal!

Kids love animals and parties - why not do both? Create lifelong memories by booking an interactive birthday party where the kids get up close and personal with a range of unusual and friendly animals.
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