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Handling & Training

The Lakeland Llamas have been specifically chosen for the task of trekking.

They are inquisitive, friendly and used to being handled following extensive training.

The Llamas are controlled by means of a head collar which has a lead rope attached by a quick release clip. The lead rope is normally held without any tension and is applied gently to encourage the Llama to walk forwards, stop, reverse and turn.

The Llamas are trained to carry the backpacks and can carry up to a third of their own body weight.

Children can participate in Trekking, however we would ask parents to consider if the child is capable of walking the distance and being sufficiently obedient as to not cause a risk to themselves, other trekkers or the Llamas. Our experience shows that children of 8 years of age and above are most likely to enjoy the experience.

A basic misconception that some people have is that they believe Llamas spit. Like many footballers we see on television, yes, they can spit, but usually only at each other! Spitting usually only occurs when competing for food, for example when fed from a bucket.
The Llama occasionally can spit at other Llamas to keep them away from the food bucket. On rare occasions, a handler may be unlucky to get caught in the crossfire.

When trekking and grazing on grass, there is enough food for all, so you will be unlikely to ever see a Llama spit.


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