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Llama FAQ

Crazy Dancing Llama!What is a Llama?

Llamas are part of the ‘Camelid’ species. This includes in order of size, Camels, Llamas and Alpacas.

Where do Llamas come from?

For those who believe that Paddington Bear is the only native animal from deepest Peru, think again! Llamas are native to Peru and have been valued for their ability as a pack-carrying animal, for the fleece and for meat.

What are Llamas used for in the UK?

Llamas are bred commercially for their fleece and as pack animals and are classed as a domestic pet. They can be trained to harness and driven with a small carriage and archive pictures show them being ridden. Agricultural and breed society shows are gaining popularity and many Llamas perform publicity shows or take part in guest appearances. Some have been used to protect flocks of sheep as they integrate well into the herd and with their keen sense of sight, hearing and smell, they are good at providing an early warning of danger. Some Llamas will guard the flock by attacking foxes or dogs but as with most animals, not all have this natural instinct. Our own farm dogs from a Chihuahua to a Border Collie often mingle with and accompany the Llamas without any threat. We use the Llamas as part of a healthy lifestyle programme to encourage people to exercise by walking in the countryside.

What is a baby Llama called?

A baby Llama is called a ‘Cria’. The mother has a gestation period of approximately 12 months.

Can we help get the llamas ready to trek?

Yes, when the trail head starts from the llama base site in Keswick.

Can we organise a private party for family or friends?

Yes, providing there is a minimum of four people.

Do you operate in winter?

Yes, providing the weather is not too wet, windy or icy. The winter treks generally include lunch at Llama Karma Kafe instead of a picnic.

Can the children lead the llamas?

Yes, providing they are over eight, sensible and fully supervised.

Do you do birthday parties for children?

Yes, providing there are enough parents to supervise them we can do short walks with picnics.

Can we trek on two days over a weekend as a short break?

Yes, we have some excellent links with Lakeland accommodation we can book for you. Please see our Accommodation Section of the website under Treks.

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